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The Core Therapies in a Spa can be divided into Five:

The use of Heat, Cold, Water, Touch and Relaxation.

The Montanna Retreat and Beauty Spa is able to offer all of this and more. Our Roman Spa is treated with Ultra Violet Light that changes the RNA and DNA of the water and promotes Vitamin D in the body. All of our products are prepared by our fully qualified Therapists.

Our ingredients of Rosemary, Lavender, Mint, Lemongrass and Lemon Myrtle are all grown at Montanna to be added to your oils for massaging, using our Ancient Hot Stones. Our treatments contain no preservatives or additives. Our muds are from the Dead Sea and carry minerals and healing properties from the beginning of time. We now offer a full Beauty Menu.

Montanna promotes a path to a balanced life it is a place for heart and soul and has been designed to help your wellbeing and it allows you to relax, revitalise and heal. We look forward to meeting your personal needs.

We specialise in large groups for celebrations, as well as accommodation for couples for anniversaries or an escape for the night, with their own personal therapists. Come and enjoy a special experience with us. We are now a destination Spa.


Spa is an acronym which stands for SOLUSPERAQUAM or Healing Through Water. Technically any place that wants to live up to the true definition of a spa should offer some treatments that involve water therapy. The first so called Spa was built by the Romans in Bath, UK in 76AD.

Ancient Egyptians used water and herbal therapies and the Babylonian culture employed bathing in rivers and used hot and cold compresses for healing. The Greeks and Spartans used cold baths medicinally and Persians used steam and mud baths.




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