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Thought for the Month.... It doesn't matter what is happening to you remember it is just a moment in time!"

Every Month Lorri  writes a column in the Lennox Head Wave Magazine.... "Reflections and Answers"... Here are some of her articles to reflect upon...

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Issue: December 2007

Someone once wrote "If the Stars came out only once a year every one would look at them" But since they can be seen so easily & so often we become accustomed to them & Let them seem somewhat commonplace, Likewise if we saw our loved ones less, or faced the fear of losing them, or saw them not at all, we should surely learn some new lessons in appreciation. It is true that we sometimes seem to take for granted those we love & live with,& would do well to sometimes step aside & see them as if we had never seen them before, or more poignantly than this, to see them as if we would never see them again. It is a wise & wonderful thing to appreciate people in the present, to appreciate those whom we have the closest claims,& not reserve altogether our best appearance & performance for our most polite approach for those out side the family circle. Gratitude & Gracious custom & courtesy should have their place at home. There is in fact some have found a kind of love & courtesy& consideration that can come into a home & make its drudgery no drudgery at all, it can make the daily round of routine tasks seem but a Blessed service. This can be so when appreciation is present, not only a silent, implied appreciation, but also an inner & outer evidence of it, such is as is actually shown & said. How often do you leave some things too many things, unshown & unsaid.& assume that they can wait. That they will be understood ,without any utterance or evidence, In short we assume that" the stars will always be there "No doubt that they will, but there are times that we should look at them & our loved ones with seeing eyes & Loving Hearts, & with the Blessed power of appreciation. One of the real tests of character is the test of courtesy, The test of consideration toward those we love & live with & the generous Heart that says & Shows them how wonderfully much they mean. There is no finer thing than to belong to a loving & affectionate Family. Thank you for reading this column over the year & i wish you all what ever gives you peace at Christmas , surround your self with those you love & love you, & have a safe & Happy New Year.
Blessings Lorri.

Issue: October 2007

Thought for the Month.... Your mind is like a parachute.. it doesn't operate until it is opened!"

There is a Pun that states "What you own in life can end up owning you. If it does you lose sight of the big picture and keeping issues in perspective. Life is about balance and there are many different ways to maintain Balance. It begins with you thinking beyond possibility. When you are repeatedly running the same behaviour with the same attitude, it throws you out of balance. When you believe that it is the only way you limit the change and expansion that is possible in your own mind. Attitude determines Altitude. How many of you have belongings that you have probably not used for years, you may look at them and not even see them, You can make Dysfunction a normality if you are not in touch with why issues, events, and belongings that are in your Life. Living Consciously is about making choices to change not do the same thing repeatedly because it is safe or that's what you always do and some times you may not even be aware that you do it. If Our mission in Life is to not change the world but to change who you are you would feel a lot more empowered and all else would follow. Look at the areas in life where you do have a choice to change, as there are many areas that you don't, focus on that possibility, open your mind & be receptive to all around you ,and enjoy the newness that takes you beyond the stale stuck place that you may be operating from. When we can forgive ourselves we stop criticising other people. The fewer rules you have about how life ought to be& how other people ought to behave the easier it is to be happier. Until next month, reflect upon it.
Blessings, Lorri

Issue: September 2007

Thought for the Month.... To make your decision .. ask yourself.. "What attitude brings me closer to my goal? Which one takes me away from it?"

I have learned in this life how important hope is in your journey. Far more important than the destination you are striving to reach.

Life can and does hold mysteries that we are not aware of, but hope can be directional and motivating if you hang on to the positives regardless of the unknown.

You have nothing to lose from being positive, but if you become negative you may change the direction you are heading in and slow down the whole process and what it may be trying to teach you.

As humans you are strong but often to your own detriment you can get in your own way, by your negative thinking in situations. Most of the time you operate on limited information in regard to situations and if you stand back and wait the truth will more than likely reveal itself. It is the space between the waiting and the knowing that you will have the opportunity to be positive and hold hope or be negative and sabotage the process.

Life is an unfoldment that needs to be taken slowly to maintain balance. Take time to really observe what situations may be about, be mindful of your reactionary responses, know yourself in all phases and you will gain far more choice around your circumstances than you will if you allow your impatience to cause imbalance.

Time can be your friend if you hold hope and faith along the way.

Reflect Upon it.

Blessings, Lorri







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